February 16, 2017 

Group Exhibition at CENTRAL BOOKING's OffLINE Space

painting by Heather Merckle

painting by Heather Merckle

I will be participating in an upcoming group exhibition, NYC, at CENTRAL BOOKING’s OffLINE Space in New York. The exhibition runs from  March 2nd - March 19th, 2017 with an opening reception on Friday March 3, 6-8pm. The exhibition is curated by Stephanie Young of Vellum Magazine, and there will be a special print edition of the Magazine to accompany the exhibition. New York City has always been a melting pot of not only people but ideas, hopes and dreams. The curator wanted to capture through the work of these 15 artists is a mood that is reflective of a huge metropolis. It can be literal, metaphorical or biographical but something in the narrative shows us a glimpse of this great city in a unique and timely way. 

Participating Artists: Ani Collier, Sarah Allen Eagen, Molly Goldfarb, Coy Gu, Hwi Hamm, Wade Kramm, Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo, KC Maddux, Heather Merckle, Margaux Panel, Erik Plambeck, Keith Plummer, Melanie Reese, Anthony Sylva, Hanna Washburn

Check out the installation photographs of the exhibition at Vellum Magazine




February 9, 2017 

Group Exhibition at Gallery 66

I will be participating in an upcoming group exhibition at Gallery 66 in Cold Spring New York. The exhibition, Duality of Feminine and Feminist will be  from March 3 - April 1, 2017. The exhibition is curated by Karen Gutfreund. 













February 8, 2017

Group Exhibition at Gallery 1313, Toronto

My work will be featured in an upcoming exhibition in Toronto, Canada at Gallery 1313's annual The Sex Show. The exhibition will run from February 15 – 26, 2017. Please join us at the opening reception on February 16, 8:00 pm!












February 3, 2017 

Feature in Artslant | Under the radar

I have been selected amongst the top 3 artists who are "Under the Radar" for this week, by Artslant, see the full feature here

January 2017 

SciArt Center Member

I am excited to be a member of the SciArt Center!

January 2017  

Group Exhibition at Ground Floor Gallery

I'm excited to be participating in Drums on Paper III. An exhibition featuring affordable art prints from 17 different international artists. The opening reception is on January 27 at 6:30pm at Ground Floor Gallery. Limited edition prints of my work are being sold through authorizedtowork.us

December 2016

Book Chapter Re-released in Paperback Edition

I just found out that a book for which I co-authored a chapter in 2014 has be released as a paperback edition! “A Gender Perspective on the Misuse and Proliferation of Small Arms & Firearms”, The Search for Lasting Peace: Critical Perspectives on Gender-Responsive Human Security. Ashgate/Routledge, 2014 (Paperback 9781138270640). 

About the Book: Presenting the human security agenda as a policy response to the changing nature of violent conflicts and war, this collection traces its evolution in relation to conflicts in different contexts (Burma, India, Palestine, Canada, East Timor, Guatemala, Peru and African countries) and from the perspective of gender, addresses initiatives for peace with justice. Cases are analysed when the human security agenda, including UNSC resolution 1325, was in its initial phase and point to both the weakness of the concept and the unexpected direction it has taken. These discussions - always relevant - are more urgent than ever as gender-based violence against women has increased, resulting in new UNSC resolutions. Some chapters suggest that militarism and economic globalization must be directly confronted. Many of the contributors to the volume bridge the gap between academic research and activism as ’scholar-activists’ with an engaged connection to the situations they are describing. Human security remains an active component of policy and academic debates in security studies, women’s and gender studies, development studies, history and political economy as well as within NGO communities. This rich collection fills a needed gap in the literature and it does so in a language and style that is clear, accessible and reader-friendly.





September 2016

Chashma Studio Space Residency Recipient

I am thrilled to announce that I have been awarded a studio space residency by chashama. I am excited to be a part of the chashama community of artists!

June 2016

Artwork Featured in Feral Feminisms

Feral Feminisms Publishing  "Untimely Bodies: Futurity, Resistance and Non-Normative Embodiment" Edited by Joshua St. Pierre and Kristin Rodier. Toronto, Canada, 2016. -  ISSN 2292-146XI am so excited to have my work featured in this edition of Feral Feminisms! Check out the online journal here, and see some of my work below. 

© 2016 Feral Feminisms Publishing, Toronto, Canada, ISSN 2292-146X

© 2016 Feral Feminisms Publishing, Toronto, Canada, ISSN 2292-146X

© 2016 Feral Feminisms Publishing, Toronto, Canada, ISSN 2292-146X

© 2016 Feral Feminisms Publishing, Toronto, Canada, ISSN 2292-146X

September 2015

Steel Bananas Publication Feature

 I am so thrilled to be included in Steel Bananas artist folio #CDNART: "Curran Folkers in Conversation with Ten Contemporary Artists in Canada". Steel Bananas,  "#CDNART: An Anthology of Interviews with Artists in Canada", Curran Folkers. Read the full interview below!

March 2016 

Book Publication | Co-authored Chapter

I'm excited to share that a chapter I co-authored,  "Gun Violence: an International Perspective" is being published in B. J. Bushman (Ed.). Frontiers of Social Psychology: Aggression and Violence. New York: Rutledge. See more about the book below!

About the Book: This book provides a broad and contemporary overview of aggression and violence by some of the most internationally renowned researchers in the field. It begins with an integrative theoretical understanding of aggression and shows how animal models shed light on human aggression and violence.

Individual risk factors for aggression and violence from different research perspectives are then examined. First, there is a cognitive neuroscientific, neuropsychological, and psychophysiological study of the brain. It then explores the developmental psychological factors in aggressive behavior, incorporating work on gender and the family. Other perspectives include the role of testosterone, individual differences, and whether humans are innately wired for violence.

The following sections moves from the individual to the contextual risk factors for aggression, including work on the effects of adverse events and ostracism, guns and other aggressive cues including violent media, and drugs and alcohol.

Targets of aggression and violence are covered in the next section, including violence against women and loved ones; aggression between social groups; and the two very contemporary issues of cyberbullying and terrorism.

The book concludes with work showing how we may make the world a more peaceful place by preventing and reducing aggression and violence.

The volume is essential reading for upper-level students and researchers of psychology and related disciplines interested in a rigorous and multi-perspective overview of work on aggression and violence.

July 2015

Solo Exhibition | Tender: Intimacy in the Digital Age

I am thrilled to be featured in a solo exhibition at BAU Gallery in Beacon, New York!

February 2015

Solo Exhibition | Anatomy of Desire: New Work by Sarah Allen Eagen

Come to chashama studio 461 in Manhattan, New York to check out my new solo exhibition!

Anatomy of Desire: new work by Sarah Allen Eagen, Feb 14-Mar 1, 2015

Anatomy of Desire: new work by Sarah Allen Eagen, Feb 14-Mar 1, 2015